5 Reasons Why Your Blog is Vital for Your Business

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Despite the increase of other content strategies, your blog is essential to driving traffic to your site. When it’s done right, this should mean more business for you.

Blogging not only directs readers and consumers to your site, but it gives you a voice as a company. Through blogging, you have the opportunity to provide expert knowledge to your target customer or client.

But if blogging is so important, why aren’t more companies utilizing it to its full potential?

For one, blogging is time consuming and more detailed than one may think. Not only do you need to generate qulaity, accurate content, but you need to write it in a way that is engaging and relatable. On top of that, you need to understand how Google and social media sites work in order to drive organic and referral traffic to your site.

Though it requires a significant amount of time, blogging is well worth the effort. Here are 5 reasons why your blog is vital to your business.

People are Seeking Expert Advice

When a consumer is looking for something, the first thing they may do is Google their question. What do you think your ideal client is searching for? Does your company show up on the first page when you Google it?

Anticipating your clients’ questions and responding through blogs are an ideal way to attract new customers.

Google Loves Blogs

Did you know websites with fresh content rank higher on Google’s algorithm than websites that are seldom updated? By providing regular, new content, not only are you providing more opportunities for potential clients to find you, but you are working to raise your rank on Google, ensuring that you show up before your competitors.

Creating new content a few times a week opens the door for Google to crawl your website more frequently and generating more leads for your business.

Clients Come from Blogging

Now we know that 1) Clients gain knowledge and trust from blogs and 2) Google loves blogs. These two factors work together to provide you with more leads to turn into clients.

Another benefit of blogging? You’re catching clients when they need you. They’re already searching for someone to help them with their question or problem. With blogging, you are increasing your chances of being visible to a prospective client. Further, blogging properly will gain the prospective client’s trust before you’ve even met him/her.

Blogging Builds Your Brand

These days, the first place anyone goes when looking for a product or service is the internet. They research the company and scour reviews. By having no online brand, you are risking unintentional sabotage to your business.

Though this is a definite change from the past days of Yellowbook and billboard marketing, it’s important to note that the internet isn’t going anywhere. Now is the time to establish your online presence if you haven’t already.

It’s Cheap

The best part of blogging – it’s relatively cheap for the company. A blog can easily be added to your existing website.

Whether you pay a freelance writer to create content for you, or you create it yourself, don’t forget that the original content you use on your site is yours to keep – forever.


Blogging is a small, but worthwhile investment for your business. By sharing a snippet of your knowledge in the form of written content, you can further establish your brand and expertise, all while driving more traffic and future clients to your site.

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  1. Chonce says:

    Blogs are cheap, and yes I’ve also gotten quite a few clients from my blog as well. I feel like even if you don’t really plan on blogging as a business, you should still have one! Even when I wasn’t making money, I was having fun, setting and reaching goals, etc. A blog is just an amazing thing to have in general.

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